About Us

We facilitate vertical sleeve gastrectomy across various medical tourism destinations in Mexico, India, the United States, Turkey, Lithuania, and Costa Rica. GastricSleeve.org is a reliable online resource for solving obesity-related problems for people who may have failed at weight loss through non-surgical means.

We have designed this website to help individuals struggling with weight-related issues find trustworthy and reliable information on gastric sleeve surgery as well as help them connect with international hospitals, surgery centers, and highly experienced bariatric surgeons.

We are a Unit of Texas-based Medical Tourism Corporation, which is Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business.

Mission Statement

We strive to educate and bring low-cost yet quality gastric sleeve surgery to individuals seeking surgical solutions to their weight problems. Ours is a one-stop website, and our case managers strive to remove uncertainty, hesitation, and concern about traveling abroad for gastric sleeve surgery.

We forward the credentials of leading bariatric surgeons we work with to our potential clients and also focus on having all their queries answered so that they can make an informed decision. Our all-inclusive gastric sleeve packages are tailored for your smooth weight loss surgery trip abroad.

Our Services

  • Gastric sleeve surgery at highly affordable prices
  • A wide choice of destinations for your surgery
  • A well-researched and complete guide on your bariatric procedure
  • Gastric sleeve success stories, patient reviews, and experiences
  • Expert talk on gastric sleeve surgery via surgeon videos

We endeavor to have thousands of gastric sleeve success stories

  • We take care of the minutest needs of our clients
  • We establish direct communication with our clients, and keep in touch with them throughout their journey
  • We establish contact between our clients and the surgery centers even before the commencement of their gastric sleeve trip
  • We foster strong relationships with internationally accredited hospitals, surgery centers and world-renowned bariatric surgeons all over the globe