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Self Paying Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Cost and other related information on Vertical Sleeve Surgery in Mexico and the USA.


- Tijuana
- Cancun
- Guadalajara and other locations in Mexico
- Las Vegas, United States

Who is Obese?

< 24.9: Normal
25 to 29.9: Overweight
30 to 34.9: Class 1 Obese
35 to 39.9: Class 2 Obese
> 40: Class 3 Obese

What is Gastric Sleeve?

- A type of bariatric surgery
- 75% of the stomach is removed
- Reduced capacity of about 60 to 150 cc
- Food intake is greatly reduced leading to weight loss

Sleeve Gastrectomy Cost

In Mexico - $3,995 only
USA - $16,800
Canada - $20,000
Thailand - $9,600
Australia - $17,000
Costa Rica - $11,000
Compare prices here.

Traveling for Surgery

Pay only a fraction of the American prices even after including airfare and expenses related to accommodation and meals.

Why Us?

- 70% Savings
- Support in English, French & Spanish
- Experienced surgeons
- Free pick-up, hotel stay
- US registered dietitian, webinars and more!

Post-op Gastric Sleeve Diet

As the capacity of your stomach will be substantially reduced after surgery, you will have to follow the nutritional guidelines…

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Video

Gastric Sleeve Surgery – It is the surgical removal of the greater part of an individual’s stomach, leaving behind a…

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Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Patient Reviews

Gastric sleeve success stories, experiences, reviews and testimonials of those whose weight loss journey was facilitated by us!

  • Dan Ryan

    "I was treated with respect throughout the entire process and am very grateful to the team that worked on me. I would and do highly recommend this team to do gastric sleeve surgery. Take care.”

  • Mary - Oklahoma

    Everything was great.The doctors, the nurses, the driver – everyone was so friendly and so helpful.