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Brittany’s Gastric Sleeve Experience in Mexico

Written review of vertical gastric sleeve in the Mexican border town of Tijuana by Brittany Russell who traveled all the way from West Virginia in the United States to have this potentially life changing procedure. “May 22, 2015 All the staff was very attentive! Great service all around. My surgery was scheduled for 2 Pm […]

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Gastric Sleeve Patient Experience – Tijuana, Mx

Read what Donna S. from Charlotte, North Carolina has to say about her gastric sleeve experience in Tijuana, Mexico. Her review: “10/10/14  I am very blessed to be given the opportunity to come here and accept the wonderful care everyone gave me here at Florence Hospital. I thought the hospital was very clean. All of […]

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Weight Loss Surgery Mexico Reviews

We all know that traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery comes with a lot of benefits. The major ones include immense cost savings, proximity to the United States and Canada, easy scheduling of surgery with no wait-times involved, English speaking US-trained bariatric surgeons and a chance to experience a vacation with the savings enjoyed. Before […]

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Dan Ryan Discusses His Sleeve Surgery

Dan Ryan from  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, opted for gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana. In a few weeks after the surgery he felt lighter by atleast 50 pounds and seemed determined to get into a better shape.   There are many choices to get a weight-loss surgery in Mexico, and Ryan was satisfied with the one […]

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Mary’s Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana

This video shows Mary from Oklahoma taking about her weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Watch this video to hear from Mary about her experience. Following is the video narration. “Hi, My name is Mary and I am from Oklahoma. I flew to Tijuana to have the surgery. Everything was great.The doctors, the nurses, the […]

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