Dan Ryan Discusses His Sleeve Surgery

Dan Ryan from  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, opted for gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana. In a few weeks after the surgery he felt lighter by atleast 50 pounds and seemed determined to get into a better shape.  dan-ryan

There are many choices to get a weight-loss surgery in Mexico, and Ryan was satisfied with the one he made.

“Once I arrived at the airport in San Diego their driver was there to pick me up and take me to my motel,” he said. “Everything was taken care of for me, nothing to worry about.”

He further says that the doctor and his team met him on the day of his surgery and everything “went off as planned and when I woke up I was walking around within an hour after I was back in my room.

“My after care was fantastic, the nursing staff was great and doctors follow through was fantastic. I was treated with respect throughout the entire process and am very grateful to the team that worked on me. I would and do highly recommend this team to do gastric sleeve surgery. Take care.”


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