Gastric Sleeve Diet - Infographic

Post-op Gastric Sleeve Diet

As the capacity of your stomach will be substantially reduced after surgery, you will have to follow the nutritional guidelines as prescribed by your bariatric surgeon for a successful weight loss journey free from complications and side effects.

Gastric Sleeve Dietary Guidelines:

  • Go slow – do not hog down your food; chew it well!
  • Concentrated sugars, especially in liquids, are a big no-no.
  • Fats and fried foods are laden with calories and can sabotage your weight loss progress.
  • Never overeat! Your brand new sleeved stomach’s capacity is a mere 4-6 oz; most likely you will feel full after having 2-3 teaspoons of food.
  • Keep yourself hydrated; drink at least 8 cups of fluid every day to avoid dehydration.
  • Keep a 15-minute window of having no liquids before your meal; do not have any liquids 30-45 minutes after your meal.
  • Make exercising a vital part of your routine; exercising is important for meeting your weight loss goals and keeping the lost pounds off.