Mexico Sleeve Gastrectomy Review

A Mexico sleeve gastrectomy review shared through this video shows how happy an American resident is after the surgery. She is from Colorado and came to Tijuana for her gastric sleeve surgery. The surgeon’s expertise, nursing staff’s care, comfortable accommodation in Mexico and lot many Americans who were at the hospital for their surgery, reassured the decision and made her recommend it to others.

Watch her speak about the same in the following video.

Following is the video narration.

“Hello! I am from Colorado, United States and I just had the gastric sleeve surgery three days ago and once they pulled……out, I felt great. I was treated so well here. Although the nurses here were so wonderful Dr. Garcia, so wonderful, so nice, the hotel I stayed at was beautiful, just so well taken care of. And I definitely recommend anybody to come down here where whole bunch of Americans are here to have the surgery. When I got here I got to know a lot of people. We exchanged emails to stay in touch and talk about our experience later. So I highly recommend you come down here.”

Mexico offers weight loss surgery at  pocket friendly prices, which allows one to save a lot on money when compared to the same in the US or the UK.  Also, qualified and experienced surgeons with international trainings and certifications assure that you will be in safe hands.

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