3 Ways to Pay for No-insurance Gastric Sleeve in California

If you lack insurance but are looking for gastric sleeve surgery in California, then the following options will help you get access to the weight loss surgical procedure:

1)    Self-pay Route

One option available for those without insurance is self-pay gastric sleeve in California. The self-pay route has some clear advantages over surgery with insurance as one has access to a greater network of surgeons. Self-pay route also ensures all processes involved are expedited vis-à-vis having your surgery through insurance. Deciding on a bariatric surgeon may be difficult though, as cash-pay prices may range between $8,000 and $22,000 throughout the state.

Gastric Sleeve in California for those with no Insurance

2)    Medical Loans

Another alternative is opting for a medical loan to finance your gastric sleeve surgery. You will come across gastric sleeve programs in California working in tandem with financing companies which offer weight loss surgery loans. Medical loans are usually of two types – secured, which require collateral, and unsecured loans, which do not require collateral. Since the risk assumed by the lender is higher in case of secured medical loans, such loans carry a higher rate of interest than secured loans.

You may also opt for home equity or mortgage loan to finance your gastric sleeve surgery.

3)    Travel South of the Border

Another option to save on surgery costs is traveling south of the border to the major medical tourism hubs of Mexico that offer gastric sleeve for just a fraction of the prices charged in California. In Tijuana, for example, gastric sleeve is available for $4,295 only (learn more here). Tijuana is a major magnet for medical tourists from the United States and Canada seeking pocket-friendly treatments for quality comparable to that in their home country.

Distance between Tijuana and major Californian cities:

  • San Diego – 17 miles
  • Calexico – 127 miles
  • Los Angeles – 141 miles
  • Fresno – 360 miles
  • Mountain View – 492 miles
  • Oakland – 512 miles
  • Sacramento – 525 miles

Lack of insurance should not be a hindrance in your way to a life free of obesity. Explore your options and choose one which best suits your requirements.

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