3 Questions to Ask About Self-pay Bariatric Surgery in Houston – Texas

Self-pay Bariatric Surgery in Houston - TexasIf you are in or around Houston, Texas and do not have insurance or have been denied bariatric surgery, then don’t despair. An option open for you is self-pay weight loss surgery. Before you tread on the cash-pay path, it would be worth your while to seek answers to the following questions:

1)    Am I paying the lowest price?

For this you will have to shop around. An easy way out is scouring the Internet for the lowest prices. Do make sure you do not make any compromises with quality in the process. To make your task easier, we have enlisted the lowest prices for gastric sleeve surgery we could gather in Houston, TX.

Option 1

Dr. Irfan Wadiwala offers cash-pay gastric sleeve in Houston for $10,000. He is a board-certified surgeon and is a member of American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES), and other prestigious medical organizations.

Option 2

Another option for self-pay weight loss surgery in Houston is Texas Laparoscopic Consultants. They offer discounted packages for cash-only sleeve gastrectomy costing about $13,800. They offer a special $500 discount on successful completion of EMMI program before your new patient appointment.

Option 3

At $19,000 for self-pay gastric sleeve, Dr. Brian Mirza’s Bariatric Care Centers is another option you may look into. Dr. Brian has undergone advanced training in obesity surgery at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio.

2)    Is the package I opt for all-inclusive?

Once you have zeroed in on a bariatric surgeon or a weight loss surgery center, you need to ask them upfront what’s included and what’s not included in the package. In our online search, for example, most of the self-pay packages (with the exception of Bariatric Care Centers) do not include pre-op tests.

3)    Can it get cheaper without compromising quality?

You can certainly find cheaper yet quality options in Mexico – in the border town of Tijuana. Self-pay gastric sleeve in Tijuana would cost you about $4,000-$4,200. Check out this link for more details. Packages usually include airport pick-up, pre- and post-ops, hospital stay, surgery expenses as well as the surgeon and the anesthesiologist’s fee. Even after factoring in airfare you would still be saving thousands of dollars.

The thought of traveling across the border might seem intimidating initially, but if you are thorough in your research, it won’t be difficult for you to come across board certified bariatric surgeons who are as experienced and competent as their American counterparts.

Note – We highly recommend you conduct your own research and decide on a bariatric surgeon in Houston, TX. Going through patient reviews and experiences always comes in handy in this regard.

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