Tips for Gastric Sleeve Success

Extreme obesity poses a huge threat to our overall well-being. Not only is being obese very uncomfortable, it also has a great impact on our health. It also gives rise to many co-morbidities like diabetes and sleep apnea.

Among the various weight loss surgeries that are being carried out, the Gastric Sleeve surgery is becoming increasingly common.

gastric sleeve surgery tips for success

While the price of the surgery in the United States and Canada is known to be exorbitant, this weight loss surgery in Mexico is performed at lesser and cheaper rates without compromising the quality of care.

The less-invasive single incision Gastric Sleeve in Mexico is also available. Gastric Sleeve in Cancun, Mexico also poses an exciting opportunity in medical tourism.

What fraction of the stomach is removed in gastric sleeve surgery?

Keep reading to know the answer!

Why Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

  • The process undertaken to carry out a gastric sleeve surgery is simpler to execute when compared to other types of weight loss surgery.
  • It is the preferred weight loss surgery for older patients as well because it shows a lower rate of early complication (2.4%)1 and faster recovery (2-3 weeks)2.
  • There is no change in the gastrointestinal track and therefore, there is a decreased chance of complication because of vitamins deficiency.
  • The pace at which weight is lost is faster than in case of a Gastric bypass (60-80% per year).2
  • In Gastric Sleeve, that portion of the stomach that is responsible for the production of the hormone Ghrelin is taken out. This is the hunger causing hormone. This results in a lower appetite.
  • The stomach also continues to function without any major changes, except for the food consumption3. Dumping syndrome is not very common in case of a Gastric Sleeve surgery.3
  • This procedure does not involve leaving any foreign device inside the body as is the case with a lap band.

Process of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • The sleeve or the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is performed by removing approximately 80% of the patient’s stomach. The remainder of the stomach resembles the shape of a banana.
  • This tubular pouch can accommodate a much smaller amount of food. This aids in reducing the amount of food that is consumed and thus, the calorie intake is significantly lessened.
  • As the hunger hormone is removed from the stomach, the appetite also decreases thereby causing favourable changes in the gut hormones.

How to Make Gastric Sleeve Surgery a Success?

The entire procedure for undergoing a Gastric Sleeve starts way before the patient reaches the operation theater.

Care has to be taken throughout the journey of reaching the ideal weight goal.

gastric sleeve weight loss

Pre-Surgery Tips

Incorporate changes in your diet.

  • To undergo this serious procedure, approximately 2 weeks before the surgery, the patient should be shifted to a diet that consists only of liquids.
  • This results in the shrinkage of the liver, which leads to a safer surgery.

Start moulding your grocery list

  • You need to start getting used to consuming a certain type of food group. Also, it is essential to stock up on food items that can be easily consumed once you are back home.
  • The diet has to be rich in protein. This requires the patient to consume lots of clear soups and broths, skim milk and clear Jell-O.

Comfortable Clothing

It is common to be uneasy after the surgery. You would want to wear comfortable and loose clothing that does not require too much effort to be able to wear.

Quit smoking

  • We all know the hazards of smoking. For someone who is planning to undergo Gastric Sleeve, it is recommded that they give up smoking at least a month before the date of the surgery.
  • When one quits smoking, they recover faster from the surgery. It also reduces the rate of early complication6.
How soon should you quit smoking before gastric sleeve?

Almost 6 weeks before surgery to reduce the risk of fatal blood clots and pneumonia (source: ASMBS)

smoking gastric sleeve surgery success

  • There have been cases where the doctor has refused to perform the surgeon because the patient had failed to quit smoking.

Be part of a support group

  • The patient’s friends and family needs to be educated about the do’s and don’t’s of Gastric Sleeve surgery so that they are able to help the patient recover better and faster.
  • This means being able to provide both mental and physical support.
  • You can join an online support group, post queries, learn from others’ experience, and share your progress.

Be in regular contact with your surgeon

  • Constant communication with your surgeon will help lessen any scope for misunderstandings. It also enforces your resolve to strictly follow their orders
  • Sort out your Insurance papers or other financial arrangements
    • The patient’s surgical procedure may or may not be covered by their insurance. Ensure that your paperwork for getting the insurance is complete and approved.

    Know what the surgery entails

    • Be in touch with your surgeon and ask him whatever questions you have with regard to the surgery.
    • You should be educated about what you can and cannot do, following the surgery.

    Start with some light exercises

    • Before the surgery, you should start your journey towards fitness by including a light exercise pattern in your daily routine. Walk for 15-20 minutes at least. This way, it will be easier to exercise once the surgery is done.

    Leave the house clean

    • Nothing would feel better than coming back to a clean and organized home after the surgery.
    • Make sure that your pantry is full of groceries that are appropriate for you.

    Post-Surgery Tips

    Stick to the assigned diet

    • Do not try to modify it. In case of a doubt, talk to your doctor. Trust the process and avoid straying from the doctor’s orders.
    • In case you give up and eat whatever you want to, your stomach won’t be able to handle the overload of sugar and fats. This could be very damaging.

gastric sleeve surgery diet

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Recovery cannot be fast forwarded

  • Do not try to unnecessarily speed up your journey to recovery. The body takes time to heal.
  • Even though the recovery time for Gastric Sleeve patients is quick, the patient should never push the body to function normally before it has had the time to heal.
  • Resume your job only when the body says yes.


  • Exercise does not necessarily mean only a vigorous routine. Something as simple for walking everyday for 45-60 minutes is good exercise.
  • The body takes time to adjust and build stamina. Build your strength slowly.

gastric sleeve surgery exercises

Be regular with your check ups

  • Scheduled visits to the doctor are for a reason. Keeping a tab on your recovery is very important.
  • Periodically meeting the doctor also reaffirms that the diet and exercise pattern that is being followed is working.

Daily multivitamins

  • As a consequence of the surgery, the food absorption rate drastically increases and this prevents the drawing in of the nutrients. This is why regular consumption of vitamin supplements is essential.
Did you know? Alcohol absorbs more quickly after gastric sleeve because of the absence/reduction of the enzyme that digests alcohol after surgery.

Continue your research on post-surgery hacks

  • Being well informed is half the battle won. Being knowledgeable and researching on your condition is going to help you become stronger and lose weight the right way.
  • Never hesitate to ask for assistance
    • This journey demands the patient to make drastic changes in their diet and lifestyle choices. This is why it is not easy to be on top of all things alone.
    • Ask for help during your recovery phase, and later do not hesitate to seek advice from support groups or friends and family members who are aware of your status.

    Stick to the plan

    • Your diet and your medicinal prescription is something that you should not tamper with. Do not try to get rid of medicine before its time.
    • Religiously follow your prescription and in case of discomfort, contact your doctor.

    Keep a count of what’s going inside your body

    • Eat smart. Understand your dietary requirements and keep a track of your calorie intake.
    • Make your calorie intake count for something. Consuming empty calories is not going to help you gain nutrition.
    • Talk about your doctor and find out how many calories you can consume in a day.

    Stay Positive

    • Change is hard and it takes time and effort. Patient and persistence goes a long way. In no time, you will be on your way towards achieving your ideal goal.

    We understand the courage it takes to undergo such a major surgery. Affordable Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana and other parts of Mexico is just one of the highlights. Here, the patient is welcomed with warmth and guided every step of the way.

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