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Gastric Sleeve

Tips for Gastric Sleeve Success

Extreme obesity poses a huge threat to our overall well-being. Not only is being obese very uncomfortable, it also has a great impact on our health. It also gives rise to many co-morbidities like diabetes and sleep apnea. Among the various weight loss surgeries that are being carried out, the Gastric Sleeve surgery is becoming […]

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Gastric Sleeve Vs. Other Types of Weight Loss Surgery

Here is a table weighing the pros and cons of gastric sleeve vs. other kinds of bariatric surgeries to help you make an informed decision:  Basis of Difference Gastric Sleeve Gastric Bypass  (RYGB) Duodenal Switch (DS) Gastric Banding (LAGB) Procedure 70-85% of the stomach is removed leaving behind a sleeve-like structure. Hunger-producing hormone ghrelin is […]

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Gastric Sleeve Patient Experience – Tijuana, Mx

Read what Donna S. from Charlotte, North Carolina has to say about her gastric sleeve experience in Tijuana, Mexico. Her review: “10/10/14  I am very blessed to be given the opportunity to come here and accept the wonderful care everyone gave me here at Florence Hospital. I thought the hospital was very clean. All of […]

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