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Tips for Gastric Sleeve Success

Extreme obesity poses a huge threat to our overall well-being. Not only is being obese very uncomfortable, it also has a great impact on our health. It also gives rise to many co-morbidities like diabetes and sleep apnea. Among the various weight loss surgeries that are being carried out, the Gastric Sleeve surgery is becoming […]

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Gastric Sleeve Vs. Other Types of Weight Loss Surgery

Here is a table weighing the pros and cons of gastric sleeve vs. other kinds of bariatric surgeries to help you make an informed decision:  Basis of Difference Gastric Sleeve Gastric Bypass  (RYGB) Duodenal Switch (DS) Gastric Banding (LAGB) Procedure 70-85% of the stomach is removed leaving behind a sleeve-like structure. Hunger-producing hormone ghrelin is […]

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Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana – Mexico

Take control over you weight with gastric sleeve in Mexico. Our packages for vertical sleeve in Tijuana, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and other Mexican cities are tailored to help you have a fulfilling experience south of the border. You may check out some gastric sleeve reviews from Mexico to gain a more positive grasp of this surgery. Alternative names: […]

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Complications and Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve

Though gastric sleeve is a safe procedure, it does have some complications and side effects. Compared to gastric bypass, its complication rates are lower.1 Comparison of 30-Day Mortality Rates2 Gastric Sleeve 0.08% Gastric Bypass 0.14% Gastric Banding 0.03% Comparison of 30-Day Complication Rates2 Gastric Sleeve 0.96% Gastric Bypass 1.25% Gastric Banding 0.25% Some of the […]

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3 Ways to Pay for No-insurance Gastric Sleeve in California

If you lack insurance but are looking for gastric sleeve surgery in California, then the following options will help you get access to the weight loss surgical procedure: 1)    Self-pay Route One option available for those without insurance is self-pay gastric sleeve in California. The self-pay route has some clear advantages over surgery with insurance […]

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